TMJ Treatment in Fort Worth

TMJ Treatment in Fort Worth

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is positioned close to your ears and aids jaw movement for chewing and talking. The joint helps attach the temporal bone and the mandible. Also, the TMJ allows sideways and forward movement of the jaw and is considered a complex joint in the body system.

What Are The Symptoms of TMJ in Fort Worth?

TMJ disorders present several symptoms which cause different levels of pain. The disorder can happen due to various causes and can be treated using different procedures. The symptoms can include recurring pain in the jaw area and limited jaw movement.

TMJ Treatment in Fort Worth - The Process

If the patient has been certified to need TMJ treatment, the dentist will choose the oral equipment to fix the issue. First, specialized testing and comprehensive examination will be done to identify the root cause of the problem. Afterward, the patient will undergo a customized treatment plan and recommendations for supplements and exercises and other therapy and expert advice to eliminate the symptoms permanently. There are two kinds of TMJ oral equipment:

Stabilization Splints
Referred to as Occlusal Splints, this device is suitable when the individual is going through clenching or teeth grinding. The splint covers both the lower and upper jaw, and the material can be soft or hard. Stabilization Splints prevent these symptoms and reduce the stress on the TMJ muscles. Also, they eliminate the facial pain that might culminate in the excessive usage of jaw muscles. The patient will wear this device at night and detach it after waking up.

Repositioning Splints
One of the major causes of a misaligned jaw is misaligned jaw. When this happens, consider using a repositioning splint. This kind of splint causes the forward movement of the splint. Gradually, I will stop the clicking and popping sounds and alleviate pain. Wearing the splint will trigger the lower jaw forward. The dental specialist will devise the treatment plan and the amount of time to wear the device.

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